Our mission is to bring the joy of sport to runners, cross-country skiers and other athletes, but also to lift the spirits of the disabled who have taken up sport or are trying to be active. A handicap is either the result of a congenital disease or caused by an injury or illness acquired during life. Through sport, people can overcome barriers, socialise with peers, make new friends, develop and improve and thus find their meaning in life.

However, our help does not stop with sport and athletes. We listen to the ideas and suggestions of our friends, colleagues or partners and support projects that have an impact on improving the world we all live in. Thus we have also contributed to the reconstruction of a pipe organ, renovation of a church, casting of a large bell for a church, the running of hospices and of a spiritual and meditation centre, as well as many other projects.

We often work with professionals who know where help is needed. For example, with the Committee of Good Will – Olga Havel Foundation, the Nova Foundation, ČEZ Foundation using their EPP Pomáhej pohybem app, Leontinka Foundation, Emil Foundation, the Czech Television’s Kuře charity and their project Pomozte dětem or the Czech Heart Foundation, which is closely linked to IKEM, the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine.

We love connecting good-hearted people who have the same attitude to helping the needy as we do, and for this reason we use our own financial and human resources in the projects, as well as the generous contributions from our sporting event participants and, last but not least, from our partners.

Since 2017 alone, we have helped dozens of disabled athletes and organisations in need of a helping hand make their dreams come true. So far, we have been able to donate:


total donated to those in need