Road Classics

Cycling has a huge tradition in the Czech Republic. However, until now there was no unified platform that would comprehensively cover everything it offers. The road bike has long been more than just a tool for sporting performance or a race for time. Road racing is a great gastronomy, a space to connect with art, design or fashion, but also a concept with a strong community overlap. And connecting all of these areas is the main idea behind the Road Classics project, which offers a comprehensive concept of road bike experiences all year round. The premiere episode of the venture, which next year will take the form of a full-fledged series, visited Liberec. The peloton of 700 racers set off from there along the iconic places of the Jizera Mountains to finish the 107km long course with a challenging elevation gain of over 2,300 metres on the majestic Ještěd.

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